As far back as she can remember, Gina has loved creating, drawing, coloring, painting, craft projects, it has always been her favorite passion.  She went on to art school and after that she set out to make a living from her passion. She worked in-house for several prestigious companies as a staff illustrator and later as design manager where she had the opportunity to work directly with artists who license their designs. She learned about marketing and how to spot trends. This gave her the unique ability to understand  the needs of the manufacturer and how to create the most salable product from concept to production. 

Gina’s portfolio is dynamic, and ranges from beautiful hand-painted imagery to distinctive graphic designs that feature a variety of popular themes and current market trends.  Her style is vibrant and varied, yet filled with beautiful subtle details. She works closely with her licensees to develop lines using her extensive abilities. 

Gina Linn’s designs celebrate life... Whether she is creating art for paper party goods, gift bags, garden flags, greeting cards, fabric and more,  her designs are bright and cheerful. Gina is always growing as an artist and strives to continuously expand her skills and abilities, as well as to license her art into new product categories.